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Now offering Concussion Testing!

  • State of the art 10’8” x 7‘4” skating treadmill with a 4 ft stick handling deck
  • Adjustable skating speeds of up to 18mph
  • Adjustable incline up to 30°
  • Specialized wax system that allows the feel of skating on ice that won’t dull your skates.

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  • Automatic puck passer to work on quick pass and shoot as well as one-timers
  • Equipment to work on shot power, accuracy, and shot release from static/dynamic positions

  • Top of the line stick handling aides including 64’2” of synthetic ice to practice
  • Aids to work on deflections, quick hands, and untouchable puck control

Utilizing state of the art equipment to provide players with a training environment to optimize their development and produce on-ice results.