• State of the art 10’8” x 7‘4” skating treadmill with a 4 ft stick handling deck
  • Adjustable skating speeds of up to 18mph
  • Adjustable incline up to 30°
  • Specialized wax system that allows the feel of skating on ice that won’t dull your skates.
  • Video feedback system to allow the player to watch themselves while they skate and then go over it in slow motion while resting.
Skating Treadmill Features

Video Recording

A big part of our training uses video recording of the players stride, which we separate into two parts.

The first part: Players get to watch themselves skate on a big screen in front of them. This helps them see what they are doing while the instructor is giving live feedback.

The second part: The video gets analyzed in slow motion and played back to the player to show what they are doing great and what we will work on. We often hear a parent say "I’ve been telling my kid to try and do that, but it seems like they finally understood when you showed them what they were doing on video!" We find video feedback to be extremely helpful to get the body to do what the brain is telling it to do.


  • Improving stride length, angle, and hip/knee posture to develop a stride that will help to maximize speed and efficiency
  • Develop acceleration technique to allow the player to get up to top speed as quick as possible
  • Increase stride power to allow the skater to be faster while still taking the same amount of strides
  • Teach the player how to stick handle while maintaining top speed and improve stick handling skills
  • Improve stamina – with the treadmill there is no gliding, this makes the skater work that much harder and develop good habits for when they step on the ice.  We also can hook them up to a resistance rope or increase the treadmill slope to improve conditioning and increase lower body strength.

My son has attended a number of hockey camps over the years to improve his speed level on the ice.  These high priced camps taught him many things but his speed level did not seem to improve. Having known Ben for many years, he could not understand why his speed was not improving, as my son has the muscle power to do so.  He suggested a few sessions on the treadmill to see how my son was skating.

At the first session, Ben made a few suggestions on my son’s footwork and body posture.  He was on the ice the next day and when he came off, his smile was huge and he said “Mom can you believe it? I was keeping up with the fastest kid!” My son could not believe how his ability improved in one session.  He credits his increased ability to the video recording review, the visual learning on the big screen TV and the immediate correction and practice on the treadmill to his noted success.

He still has a few sessions to go and he is very excited to attend even though Ben works him hard.

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